Special Sessions

In the context of the EURASIP RFID 2015 a number of special sessions will be held. If you are interested to contribute your work to one of these please indicate so in the submission process. The following special sessions will be held:

Special Session: “GRETA Architecture”

GRETA is an Italian scientific research project, funded by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (PRIN 2010/11), which aims at studying a distributed system for tag identification, localization, tracking and monitoring in indoor scenarios. It is commonly accepted that integration of aforementioned functionalities in a unique low-cost device would extend tremendously the range of applications: however,this is not possible with the existing technologies, considerably different from each other. Hence, such an integration requires to identify new technological solution and an ex novo system design. Moreover, it is clear that the employed electronic circuits will have to possess a feature so far considered only marginally and usually ex post, but key in the future: full compatibility with the environment.

Starting from these considerations, the GRETA project (GREen TAgs and sensors with utrawideband identification and localization capabilities) will focus on innovative solutions and disruptive technologies aimed at the realization of a distributed system for identification, localization, tracking and monitoring in indoor scenarios, based on ecofriendly materials.

Currently announced contributions are:

 1) Overview paper entitled “The GRETA architecture for energy efficient radio identification and localization”, authors: at least 1 person per research unit (to be finalized)

2) “GRETA approach towards new green material technologies”, authors: M. Bozzi, L. Roselli et al. (to be finalized)

3) “Electromagnetic prediction of antenna layout impact on UWB localization and sensing”, authors: A. Costanzo, Masotti et al (to be finalized)

4) “Advanced processing for detection, ranging and localization through backscattered UWB signals”, authors: D. Dardari, M. Chiani, A. Conti et al (to be finalized)

5) “Multi-reader multi-tag architecture for UWB/UHF radio frequency identification systems”, authors: P. Di Marco, R. Alesii, F. Santucci, P. Savazzi et al (to be finalized)

6) “Energy harvesting in green tags”, authors: M. Tartagni at al (to be confirmed and finalized)