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Kathrein RFID/Kathrein Sachsen GmbH

Kathrein-RFID is the leading manuKathrein RFIDfacturer of professional identification solutions in the field of UHF technology. Building on our many years of expertise in high frequency technology, Kathrein-RFID creates innovative, high-capacity system components for professional use. As component manufacturers for RFID readers and antennas, we work closely with system integrators and resellers. OEM-specific solutions can be delivered as complete or branch solutions. Kathrein-RFID products are developed and manufactured in conformance with the directives of the stringent automotive standard ISO TS 16949 and DIN EN ISO 9001.
This ensures our customers an excellent degree of quality and a very long working life. Due to optimized circuit technology und intelligent software solutions, Kathrein RFID systems can be operated with substantially lower use of energy than that of comparable systems.
Thanks to innovations such as the Kathrein-RFID Antenna Interface © KRAI, available since 2013, and the new RRUELC-E6 series intelligent Kathrein Linux reader, our customers can take advantage of new tools which enable innovative approaches to problem solving.
Core competencies

  • Development and manufacturing of UHF antennas and reader systems
  • Customized UHF antenna systems
  • Customized stationary readers and reader modules
  • 3D antenna simulation
  • 3D transponder measurement
  • 3D application simulation

Kathrein have applied their comprehensive know-how gained in the field of automobile and mobile communications technology for quick and efficient development of OEM-specific RFID antennas and reader solutions. A 3D field simulation enables calculation and optimization of complex antenna alignments with their respective tags.
Thus, it is possible to make a precise prediction on the system’s capability.
Time-consuming, at times unsuccessful testing is therefore practically unnecessary, simplifying the development of customized products to a high degree.
Kathrein-RFID’s field of activity includes assistance in the design and analysis of RFID UHF-based applications. The main fields of application are industrial automation and RFID in vehicle registration systems.
The company features a modern trial and testing laboratory for this purpose. The laboratory is equipped with modern antenna measuring stations and a high speed conveyor, enabling testing of applications that are critical in terms of time and speed.
In order to ensure customer-oriented support, on-site assistance is also provided.


Hochschule Rosenheim (University of Applied Sciences)

 Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften

FH Rosenheim

The Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences is the most important educational institution in Southeast Upper Bavaria. With well-established roots in the region, it enjoys a versatile and innovative profile, combined with an international reputation. Degree programmes and further studies are offered to young professionals, specialists and managers. Seven faculties, one institute and a facility for further education (Academy for Professionals, or afp) serve to educate in the disciplines of economy, technology, design and healthcare.
In one of Europe’s strongest economic regions, the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences is the university partner of choice, making regional, national and international contacts in the sectors of business and research available to over 5,500 students.
The Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences cooperates with approximately 70 universities, worldwide. The important experience that students gain working on practical projects with partners from various sectors extends far beyond simply acquiring expertise.
Learning by means of practical projects promotes such qualifications as a capacity for teamwork and problem-solving skills, thus providing students with excellent preparation for the challenges of a professional career.
The university’s friendly atmosphere, the personal support and intensive interaction between students and teachers combine with a modern infrastructure — having more than 100 laboratories and workshops on campus — to provide optimal conditions for studying.
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Institute of Telecommunications / Vienna University of Technology

With more than 70 scientific e389logo_300dpistaff, the Institute of Telecommunications (TC) is one of the largest in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Vienna University of Technology. With the core of the institute founded in 1928, it has a long tradition of excellence in teaching and research. In its history, the institute went through a number of organisational changes, with the most recent one in January 2011, when the former Institute of Communications and Radio-Frequency Engineering (INTHFT) and the former Institute of Broadband Communications (IBK) merged to form the new Institute of Telecommunications (TC).
The institute contributes to teaching in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science through courses covering a wide range of subjects in signals and systems, communications, radio-frequency engineering, and communication networks. The institute’s research is in fields of practical relevance, including mobile communications, flexible wireless systems, multimedia systems, optical communications, signal processing, communication theory, radio frequency engineering, and broadband communications. Projects range from fundamental research to hardware design and many of them are carried out in close cooperation with industrial partners and/or in the framework of international projects and programs.
The institute is a founding member of the Austrian COMET competence center “Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien” (FTW, Telecommunications Research Center Vienna). The Christian Doppler Laboratory for Wireless Technologies for Sustainable Mobility is hosted by the institute.